Monday, 11 April 2016

Huinan talks about the weather

Hi! I am Huinan Zeng and I am the International Office Ambassador for China. You can find out more about me here .

When talking with prospective students, many of them came up with the question about weather in Sheffield and what kind of clothes is the most suitable. UK is famous for rain and this raises a lot of concern for international students. My own experience, however, is not as bad as you might guess.

Surprisingly, there are much more sunny days than I thought before I came here. For example, last autumn it was sunny for a whole week followed by another week raining but only some period of the day and under some clouds. Yes! Here it depends on every single cloud! It could be sunny and raining at the same time if you are walking under a small cloud that is raining and it is not big enough to block the sun. Isn’t it amazing? Your parents or friend might say ‘remember always bring your umbrella with you’ but my personal experience is it is better to always wear a coat with a hood instead of bringing an umbrella. Sheffield is not a harbour city so it does not have wind as strong as in Liverpool or Edinburgh but I didn’t say that it is not strong. Two of my umbrellas were broken because of the wind. It turns out that hoodies are much more useful!

The temperature does not change much throughout the year. In winter, most of the time it is higher than 0 while in summer it does not exceed 25 . The heaters in rooms are very helpful in winter, and in summer here is no need for air conditioner at all. The average temperature is around 15 in spring and autumn which is very comfortable with cool breath but not cold at all. If you are from cities like Beijing that only have very short spring and summer, you should defiantly enjoy the two seasons here.

Hope this ‘weather all-year report’ could answer your enquiries. Prepare your clothes and get ready for your new life in Sheffield!

By Huinan Zeng
International Office Ambassador for China

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