Monday, 11 April 2016

Huinan tells us all about Sheffield markets and food

Hi! I am Huinan Zeng and I am the International Office Ambassador for China. You can find out more about me here .

During my work these weeks, I realised that a lot of students have concerns about living in self-catered accommodations. Some of them were worried that they could not cook properly while others wondered whether they could find ingredients from their home countries. Universities and schools in East Asian countries have their own canteens so most of the students are not prepared for cooking for themselves until they leave universities. There is no need, however, to worry about food or cooking too much. Today I will give you an overview about supermarkets, markets and food you can find here.

If you are thinking about living in Endcliffe or Ranmoor village, there are three supermarkets along the road: Tesco, Sainsbury and Morrisons. All three of them are not big but they have all the things you will need from washing liquid to salmon fish fillet. You can always compare the prise between those three supermarkets and find yourself the best deal. If you prefer to live in the city accommodation, there is a small Tesco nearby and it is always very busy because of the huge amount of student living in that area. If you want to have more selection of food or maybe want to cook a big meal with friends, it is a good idea to go to the big Tesco on West Street which is near the Mappin building after a busy uni day. There are also a lot of other supermarkets in the city centre and near ELTC worth exploring.

The groceries in the supermarkets are similar to the ones in Asia but the kinds of food are a bit different. Comparing to the ones in Beijing, they have less selection of Pork but more selections of lamb, chicken and turkey. They also have lots of dairy products like different kinds of cheese and yogurt. In the bakery, they have so many kinds of bread that you cannot find in China. However, they do not have lots of sources from Asian countries although they have an Asian food area, and some Chinese favourite vegetables cannot be found in any British supermarkets.


Miss the food from your own country? Don’t panic! Sheffield is a very international city and on West Street and the city centre, there are several supermarkets from around the world, including Chinese and Arabic ones. In the Chinese supermarket, for example, there is hardly anything you cannot find. They have the sources for hotpot, frozen dumplings and anything that could make you feel homesick of. If you fancy a taste from other Asian countries, they also have Japanese, Korean, Malaysian and Thai food. If you want to have cheaper and fresher food and you do not mind a slightly longer walk, the big Market called the Moor near the city centre will never let you down. They have a huge selection of everything and they even have cleaned fresh fish (my favourite)!

By Huinan Zeng
International Office Ambassador for China

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