Friday, 15 April 2016

International Postgraduate Experience in the Dept. of Politics

Studying in the Department of Awesomeness (aka Politics)

Starting as a new student on a new campus can make any student anxious. But when I started my postgraduate course in Global Security at the Department of Politics, the situation could not have been better!

Not only are all the faculty members extremely helpful, but the course mates are also very inclusive outside of class. One of my favorite modules has been Contemporary Global Security last semester. The class discussions were very interesting and informative, and we also maintained close relationships outside of the seminars.

A great example of this was towards the end of the semester when we all went to Christmas Dinner at a local restaurant. Since the class had other international students like myself, it was great to experience the traditional English festivity with my friendly classmates. Overall it was a great module and also a fun way to make some great friends with the same interests.

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