Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Just a 40 minute bus ride away...

...and you'll find yourself in the lovely little town of Bakewell! the first time I went, I was with a group of friends and we just decided to hop on a bus and just go where it takes us. Fortunately we ended up in the wonderful Bakewell famous for its tarts and pretty scenery!

This is one of my favourite things about sheffield, the balance you get between city and country life. So if you want to get away for a relaxing weekend or an afternoon in the countryside I believe Bakewell is definitely a great option with its little traditional tea rooms, local pubs and countless friendly faces.

After that one random afternoon, I went back with my parents to stay for the weekend, it was in the summer months and the scenes were gorgeous!

We chose a little BnB about a 15 minute walk from the centre of the town, owned by a lovely couple just across from a stream, it was such a nice atmosphere, great place to be :)

Just strolling through this little town and its little independent stores and small decorated courtyards  is a lot of fun, but there is also quite a bit to do! We walked by the river, had ice-cream and watched as people were fishing and families were having picnics. We visited lovely antique stores where you can get lost for hours... and of course found the cathedral at the tope of the hill and explored that for a while

Just hop on the 240 bus headed for bakewell and have a great time! Not to mention, its very close to a lot of other iconic locations in the peaks such as Chatsworth House, the home of pride and prejudice, another must see around Sheffield :) happy exploring!!

Jude Goussous- International Office Ambassador from Jordan

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