Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mari on Food in Sheffield

Hi, my name is Mari, International Office Ambassador for Japan. Please visit my profile to find more information about me and my course.

One of my concerns about coming to Sheffield was about food. To avoid culture shock, and feeling homesick, food will play an important role in having an enjoyable, and comfortable life here in Sheffield.

As I am from Japan, I was in doubt of how much Japanese food will be available here in Sheffield. In fact, there is no Japanese markets, which only deals with Japanese food, unlike in London. However, I slowly started to realise that there are so many Chinese markets, which sell variety of Japanese ingredients, such as Miso, Soy sauce, Tofu, Udon, fish soup stock, etc along with Chinese and Korean ingredients. I often go to Chinese market(s) in order to have the right ingredients to cook some Japanese food, whenever I miss Japanese food, like soba. Of course, the price is relatively high and the choice of food is limited, but it is great that you can find some familiar ingredient(s), with which you can cook home food!

Chinese market
Chinese market

Regarding foods in general, I find it relatively cheap, such as vegetables and meat (Fish is slightly expensive). There are supermarkets, from big to small, such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s from here and there, where you can purchase foods daily. Personally, I recommend the Moor market, which mainly sells fresh vegetables, meat, and seafood at a low price. Cooking wouldn’t be so hard with the help of these markets.

Branch at the cafe

Japanese food

Even though the best choice would be to cook at home, to save up a little bit of your money, it is good idea to treat yourself to something nice occasionally after completing hard day at study. Sheffield has variety of international restaurants, which never let you down. Despite the fact that England may not have good reputation for food, I’ve found numerous restaurants in Sheffield that offers delicious food, such as Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Greek and Korean. Even pubs offer tasty food, such as burgers, pies, and fish and chips. The price differs according to restaurants, but it usually cost less than 10 pounds. Even university provides places to eat, which also has good quality. I can recommend interval café, or View Deli, which are my favourite places to eat out with friends within the university. There are also nice independent cafes in Sheffield, where you can go with your friends to have a chat during the break(s) from your study. I’ve tried many restaurants and cafes so far, gives me a release, from the stressful work that occurs on a daily basis, for a brief moment.

Only thing I can say here, is that you do not need to worry about food in Sheffield as much. It would be great if you at least, learn how to cook, especially home food. There will be many occasions, where you are asked to cook home food to share with friends from different backgrounds. I am sure that food here will not disappoint you.

By Mari Kusachi
International Office Ambassador for Japan

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