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Naomi: An Introduction of City accommodation

Hello, it’s Naomi, the Chinese International office ambassador. You can find out more about me here.

As many of you asked me about Uni accommodation, I’m introducing my resident area. City is one of our accommodation areas including Allen Court, Broad Lane court, St George’s flats and Mappin court. Personally I think it is the ideal place to live in as a fresher.

You can see the Diamond outside Allen Court
and St george's is right next to it 
The best thing about Allen Court is that it’s very close to the University buildings -- 1 minutes’ walk to the diamond (engineer building & library), 10 minutes’ walk to Student Union and Firth Court (Bio/biomedicine building), 15 minutes’ walk to the city center. There are occasions that I woke up half an hour before my lectures and still made it on time. Because of the good location, you will save a lot of money since you can reach the most places on foot. However if you need to get somewhere further or you have to take a public transport due to bad weather you can find buses and trams running frequently on the West Street which is within 5 minutes walk.

Room types:
There are 3 types of room offered by the City accommodation : Standard, En-suit and Deluxe en-suit. Studios and catered rooms are only available in Ranmoor and Endcliff area. 


(Broad lane court)
(Allen court/ 
St George’s flats)
Deluxe en-suit 
(Allen court)
Number of rooms 
Rent of 2016-2017 (42 weeks)
£ 4277.70
£5415.48 /

All utility bills (water, electricity, internet, etc) are included in the rent so you won’t need to worry about not paying your bills on time. In your first rent installment, £35 will be charged the resident events of the year. 


All City residents have access to common room where some of the residents events are held, such as movie night. During the term time you can work, chill out with friends or play table tennis and pool in the common room. There is also a gym 20 roughly 20 meters away with amazing lessons.

My en suit room, bathroom not shown
Standard : rooms include a single bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, wash basin* and you will share a bathroom and a kitchen/ kitchenette with your flatmates. This type of room saves you money with guaranteed quality.

En-suit: On top of the standard room, you will have your own bathroom but shared kitchen. This is the what the most students prefer since it allows socialising and also some degrees of privacy with good value.

Deluxe : the deluxe room is like an en-suit but with a three-quarter bed and more space, which you will share a kitchen and living area with your flatmates.

Although City accommodation is a non-catering area, you can find plenty of restaurants, take-aways, pubs and shops around you within 3 minutes walk. On the West street you can satisfy your tongue with a great range of cuisine from Italian to Chinese. 

Resident events for April !!!

Your monthly activity sheet will be brought by your resident mentor whereas on average you will have an option of 4 or 5 different activities, such as quiz night, ukulele and talks. There will also be festival themed events like Chinese lantern making. I would strongly recommend to try some of them not only because you will have great fun but also they are unique opportunities to make friends who might from a different faculty or even a different cultural background. You will feel the true international atmosphere here, talking to those interesting people are very inspiring and will certainly make you more open-minded. I have learnt things from my neighbors which I can never learn from anywhere else. 

Sport class schedule -- plenty of choices and most are free!
As I mentioned earlier, Sport Sheffield also offer a great range of classes and the most of them are free of charge to the residents (example shown at left) . A number of my friends and myself have got into the habit of going to gym at 7 am, sweat, shower and go to lectures. For many people, the convenience is how they develop a healthy lifestyle which will benefit for the lifetime.

Support :

The Resident life team understand that it might be the first time for some of us to leave home so they try to support us as much as they can. Our resident mentors (paid senior resident & Sheffield student) are very friendly, they pop in every week to check if everything is fine; if you run into troubles, there are mentor drop-in sessions at night. Otherwise you can go to the reception to seek help from maintenance to general enquiries. The security is up 24/7 so there will always be someone there for you. There are many blogs online about lifestyle, employment and safety provided by the Resident life team to tell you what to do in various situation. 

By Naomi Guo
International Office Ambassador of China 

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