Friday, 29 April 2016

Regine shouts about varsity!

Cheerleaders at the Rugby Union match

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It’s that time of the year again, when suddenly everyone develops and extra strong sense of school pride, when everything is suddenly covered in the university colours – black and gold, when students develop a even more intense rivalry towards Hallam university.


Team spirit going strong at swimming

Every sports team will compete against our rival University in Sheffield – Sheffield Hallam  University– in every sport, each match resulting in a point towards either Uni of (us) or Hallam. For the past three years we have won Varsity, making this year all the more intense and making us more motivated to train well, do well, and beat Hallam again.

Waterpolo Girls
Rugby 2s

This year for varsity I watched five things – Rugby Union, Swimming, Water polo, Canoe Polo, and Ice hockey. The team spirit and intensity was crazy at all of the events, and we cheered more, and screamed louder than ever before. Since Swimming and Water polo is a team that I am in I was very happy to see us reach enough points to win varsity in the middle of the final water polo game since we had not been on top form this year. Saying so, we then had all the bragging rights and started chanting once again to Hallam, who could do nothing but defeat us in Water polo but still be defeated by us overall.

Ice hockey was by far the best part of Varsity, the final event where hundreds and thousands of students would pile into the Sheffield Motor point area, the biggest ice hockey area outside of North America. We proudly walked into the area donning our best black and gold, face paint everywhere, ready to rub our victory in Hallam’s face.

Although it seems that there is a lot of rivalry between Hallam and our university, there is still a lot of teamwork and love between us – many teams such as Ice hockey twos have a team with both Uni of and Hallam. However this friendship is completely thrown out the window during varsity, get ready to fight for the title when the time comes.

By Regine Cheung
International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong

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