Friday, 29 April 2016

Regine: What to do on a Sunny Day in Sheffield ☀️

Hi everyone, this is Regine Cheung from Hong Kong; an International Office Ambassador here at Sheffield. Find out more about me on my web page.

Around the months of late March and April, something miraculous happens to Sheffield – the skies open, clouds part, the sun comes out and bathes us all in its glorious sunshine. Not going to lie to you, Sheffield can sometimes be known for its absolutely terrible weather – the rain, sleet, hail, wind, snow – but when the sun does come out, you can tell it’s going to be a good day.
You know it’s a warm and sunny day when you suddenly see people wearing shorts a t-shirt even though its only about 10 degrees outside – seriously nothing stops us students from absorbing every single drop of that sunlight! So how can you make the most out of this sunny day? Well these are my favourite things to do when the sun is out, hopefully they will be one of yours too! 

1. Go outside
Living in Student accommodation such as Endcliffe gives you the opportunity to go and sit by the pond or even the hill opposite Howden and the Edge. Just bring a few of your friends and bathe in the warm sunlight, bring a football to kick around or even a frisbee– you won’t even notice the hours passing!

2. Go to a park
Sheffield has a very large range of parks, there’s Endcliffe park, the botanical gardens, Crookes Valley park, and Western Bank to name a few. All of these places are just sprawling greenery, a perfect place to camp out and chat with your friends for a while. Another popular thing to do when the sun is out is to have a barbeque – just gather a bunch of friends, get a disposable / portable barbecue pit and just start cooking. It’s a wonderful way to spend a day and everyone ends up being happy and also full!

3.  Go to a beer garden
Sheffield has such a big pub culture (I even wrote a blog about it here!), and almost every bar or pub will have some form of outdoor seating area. When it’s sunny, everyone just flocks to the pubs to have a nice ice cold pint in the sunlight.

4. Take a walk in the peaks
There is no better time or weather to go for a nice hike in the peaks than when it’s sunny and amazing outside. Considering how many times I’ve went to the peaks and it was a bit grey and gloomy, I can tell you that going in the sun makes the experience 100x more amazing – you get to see the lakes, dams, fields, hills, sheep with the sun shining down on them. 

As you can see, a lot of my favourite things to do are basically just ‘go outside’ as long as you do anything outside during a sunny day you’re probably doing the right thing already. As every student knows the sun doesn’t come out a lot and when it does you’ve got to make the most out of it! 

By Regine Cheung
International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong

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