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Regine: Where to eat in Sheffield when you want to save or splurge

Hi! My name is Regine and I'm a Hong Kong student here at Sheffield working as an International Office Ambassador. You can find out more about me from my profile

Everyone likes good food, and just because you’re on a student budget shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t have good food either! Sheffield is a hub of hidden gems, little coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, food trucks – you name it, Sheffield’s probably got it.
We all know how hard budgeting can be (I even wrote an entire blog about it here!) and that sometimes you just don’t want to have to spend an excessive amount of money on nice things, and I am here to help you fill your tummy in the most economical way possible!

Price range: £ (£3-5)

1.  Street food Chef
This is a little shop on Glossop Road about two minutes’ walk from the student union, they serve all types of Mexican food – burritos, tacos, nachos – anything you can think of. They also have the very good option of both vegetarian or vegan dishes, making the restaurant accessible to all.

      Flavours / Broomhill Friery
There is little that could go wrong with a greasy take out, and students flock to Broomhill specifically for these two shops after a night out. However, it is not uncommon to see people going there during the day because who knows when that craving for chips and cheese or chicken or a massive donner kebab will kick in? 

      John’s Van
There is nothing better than seeing John’s van next to Hicks building on a busy day of lectures. There is almost always a queue at this little food truck, since prices are just so cheap and the food is just so good. John’s van is a staple of university student’s diet – there was even a time when it was stolen and that triggered a massive twitter campaign in hopes of finding the van. John’s van serves easy on-the-go food, usually some sort of bun or burger, with coffee or tea for the cold weather - due to demand and popularity, John’s van has become a permanent addition to the parking lot of Hicks building.

Price range: ££ (£5-10)

     Wa Ding
Being from Hong Kong, I sometimes just crave Chinese food – and Wa Ding, a restaurant situated above a Chinese supermarket – does the best Chinese food I’ve had in Sheffield for a very reasonable price. It has a canteen vibe to it, and the second I step in there it suddenly feels like I’m transported back to Hong Kong almost, the sound of woks frying food, everyone speaking Cantonese, the hustle and bustle of the restaurant reminds me of home.

A three-floored café in the city centre, Marmadukes is a great place to grab a sandwich, salad, soup or coffee and sit there for ages with your friends. The food served there is excellent, and they are especially famous for their homemade cakes. The café has both an indoor and outdoor seating area, and in the winter they even provide blankets and cushions for you to snuggle up in outdoors to brave the cold.

Nottingham House
Almost every student in the University of Sheffield has had a pie in the Nottingham House; it is a staple in the diet of a student. They only serve pies there, the wait for tables and food can be a long time but when that massive plate of pie, chips and mushy peas come you will realise why it is just so worth it. To have a pie that’s covered with Henderson’s relish and gravy is an initiation into Northern England food, and you will suddenly realise gravy should belong on everything.

Price Range £££ (£10+)

     Tamper Sellers Wheel
Tamper Seller’s Wheel is once again, another café. Situated right next to Hallam Campus this is the OG of Cafes – influenced by New Zealand coffee, it serves seasonal breakfast and brunch menus every day and during Friday nights they open late and will serve wines, speciality coffee cocktails, and craft beers. There is also a little Tamper coffee shop situated on West Street that doesn’t serve hot food but has coffee and cakes, that one being more accessible to UoS students.

A massive Asian / Western buffet in the City centre – there is no way you will leave this place still hungry. They have everything from sushi to pizza, this is the ultimate place to pig out and eat as much as you want. It is a good place to go with a group of friends to have a good time, and to enjoy each other’s company.

     Peddler’s Market
Peddler’s market is Sheffield’s newest place to be, it is now situated in Kelham Island inside a warehouse filled with food trucks and little speciality Sheffield shops. It occurs once a month and is a wonderful way to find out more about Sheffield, try different foods from different places (Brazilian, Columbian), try different craft beers, listen to great live music and generally spend a great day with your friends.

By Regine Cheung
International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong

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