Monday, 11 April 2016

Sekinat - Making the most of the holidays!

Making the best of the holidays!

Hi guys!This is Sekinat , International Office Ambassador for Nigeria. Find out more about me on my profileI hope you had a fun and restful Easter celebration. 

It's midway into the University Easter holiday break. The holidays is obviously a time to relax and get refreshed for the other half of the semester but it is also a time to get a lot of new activities done. The University of Sheffield International  student support services have lots of interesting activities lined up for students staying back in Sheffield over the holidays and it would be very beneficial if you are on their mailing list so as to get heads up on info about the various events. Some of the events include movie night, walk through the woods, visit to Weston park museum amongst others. There are also youth conferences for those interested . There is also still time to take day trips to neighbouring cities like Leeds, Manchester, Derby( especially for the full feel of the Peak District). I got back from Leeds yesterday and I would be going to the beautiful city of London for 5days to visit family and friends. *dancing*

Putting all the talks about socials aside, I reckon the holidays is a chance to take time out from the demanding school work . Do a bit of personal development and reflection,revamp your CV, look for internship/job opportunities and apply!!Lastly, as we all know there is no break before exams start in Late May/June therefore,I would strongly advice on the need to use the break to get as much reading done on what has been covered in the first half of the semester especially for students that have mainly exam based assessments. If you haven't done any studying;there is no need to panic!!There is still time to achieve a lot.A way to do this, is to make a timetable on what to cover everyday even if it's for a few hours; remember to keep it realistic and achievable. Also, getting a study buddy(s) would go a long way in keeping you motivated. 

I have included the link to the Easter events Facebook page below.

Enjoy the rest of the break!

By Sekinat Abbas 

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