Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Tianrun's Amazing Internship in Turkey!

My name is Tianrun Yang and I am a current student at the University of Sheffield. I am an International Office Ambassador for China and you can find out more about me on my student profile on the University web pages.

Today I want to talk about my amazing internship over Christmas holiday.

I was thinking of doing an internship to gain some experience over the Christmas holiday. However, because of Christmas, there is no company based in the UK were willing to provide me a placement. This let me start to think about doing an internship in other country, which do not celebrate Christmas. So I came to Turkey.

The reason why I have chosen Turkey, not only because of the time, but also due to my interests to expanding new cultures. My internship based in a charity, which fights for women right. The city I lived in called Izmir, which is the second largest city and a beautiful seaside city in Turkey.

I applied this internship through the Careers Service's Postgraduate Advantages Scheme. It is a scholarship program in order to encourage postgraduate students particularly studying social science department gaining work experience in small or medium firms and charities.  

I worked in a team with four teammates, which have quite diverse background. Our five people come from five different countries, including China, India, Pakistan, morocco and Turkestan.

This let me expand my horizon a lot. And in the same time, this experience allowed me have the opportunity to experience working in an international environment and have better understanding people from other culture background.  

By Tianrun Yang
International Office Ambassador for China

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