Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Travelling to and from Sheffield is easy!

If like me, your heart beats at the mere thought of your next adventure whether it’s a day trip or a long summer holiday of travelling.... then Sheffield is a great place to study!

1. The central location of Sheffield, within the UK is ideal, it means that most train trips to major cities around takes an average of 2 hours!

2.  Even if you want to go further afield to Europe for example, you can easily fly from Manchester at very reasonable prices!

3. A very useful thing, especially if like me, you have to travel down to London every time you want to go back home, you should get a Railcard! It saves 30% off every train trip you take, so after 1 or 2 trips you would have already got your moneys worth! Just seems logical to do J  
4. Remember there are other ways to get around, so when planning a trip consider all your options! You can take a bus, which is generally cheaper, but takes a little bit longer (Just last week i got a 5pound bus down to London!). You can also look into carpooling, there are several websites where you can sign up and just see if anyone is heading in the direction you want J the idea is that you split the petrol cost and its cheaper for everyone! 

                               Bus terminal to London from Meadowhall in sheffield! 

My excitement when I arrived to London (it felt like I got a great bargain with the bus prices)! 

5. Its always great to be spontaneous, its very exciting, to just get on the next train to a new place, unfortunately your wallet will not always be on board with the idea…The further you go the more in advance you should think of booking you tickets! I recently found out that Megabus website actually sells 1 pound tickets if you buy early enough! That's one pound each way (bus or train) and 50p booking charge! A whole trip for 2.50 pounds! How great does that sound??

6. Being from Jordan it was a lot cheaper for me to explore Europe during my time in the UK, since flight to Europe from Jordan can get very expensive! This fact made me forget how many things there are to see in UK, just a couple hours train ride away J don't forget to explore the UK while you're here!  

7. The students union does great day trips to cities around Sheffield, they usually get sold out so you would have to book in advance, however they've got great prices and usually mean there will be many people travelling with you that you can get to know along the way!

8. Having said that…Sheffield is a great place to explore the world without leaving the city! I have been part of many cultural events and performances and met a lot of amazing people through joining the international students committee. All you need to do is pop into the students union and see the different cultural activities you can join and the thousands of international students you can meet!

Jude- International Office Ambassador from Jordan

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