Saturday, 2 April 2016

When Your Parents Come to Visit

When your parents come to visit

Hi, everybody! I am Anaclara from Brazil taking my masters here at UoS at Sustainable Architecture. Well, as you know, Easter holidays has now arrived and it is time to rest, update our studies and maybe get to know a new country around Europe. But it was even more special: parents decided to come! My folks not always like to go out their home and travel. This time they could make space in their routine to visit me on behalf of my birthday on the 22nd March.

My parents at the Arts Tower, Peace Gardens and the Moor Market.

  One week was the time available for them. Lots of places to visit, things to show and stuff to talk… I missed them very much. For preparation, I obviously cleaned my room and planned a special tour around the city. My aim was to show them the University of Sheffield`s facilities, the Botanical Gardens, the city centre and of course my place. Meanwhile, I also planned a trip to Edinburgh that I wanted to visit for ages.

Edinburgh trip: the train station, my father trying a kilt and at St. Gile`s Cathedral.

Besides their already expected complaints about cleaning my place, everything was great. Very emotional, but great. The one day tour I planned around Sheffield lasted 3 days and we didn`t finished it. And I guess Edinburgh was too cold for them, so my mother got sick on the first day there. In the end, now they are gone I think I miss them even more but at least I got my Brazilian food stock full. : )

Goodbye selfie and birthday dessert.


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