Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Yoon tells us about the MPH in International Development course

Hiya! My name is Yoon Young Cho, one of the ambassadors in International Office representing South Korea and you can find more about me here.

I would like to introduce you all about my course: MPH in International Development. You can also find more about the course here

The course is based on Department of Geography and School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR). Throughout the year, most of modules cover both theoretical approach of international development and practical understanding of global public health. There are also some modules teach research methods based on how to write research proposal and how to structure your research project. This module particularly helped me to work on group project during field class and structuring research topic for my final dissertation. Furthermore, throughout the year there are numbers of workshop on professional skills for development studies. This includes, interview skills, how to write CVs, working in development sectors, writing policy briefs, making blogs and using social media. These workshops enable me to gain some key professional skills which are essential in development sectors. In addition, it was interesting to attend some sessions run by current local NGOs to learn about their experiences working in the field and ongoing projects.

One of the most interesting parts of the course is the field class during spring semester. This year I went to KEDA research centre in Tanzania for 10 days. It was my first time in Africa but I had an amazing time in field class. During the field class, we formed a small group based on our interest. My group focused on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene project in rural village called Kilema Pofo. It was an amazing experience to collecting data through semi-structured interviews with local households, key informants in the community. Through the interviews, it was interesting to find something new about the actual situation in the village. At the end, we also made a session to present out finding and recommendations to government officials.

In addition, after spring semester, it is compulsory to do summer placement with dissertation for about 6 to 8 weeks to work with organisation and research on the final dissertation. My placement will be with University of Makeni in Sierra Leone. I will be researching on comparative study on healthcare facilities and traditional healer with Ebola survivors in rural areas. I was personally very interested to research on Ebola outbreak in 2014. Therefore, the placement will give me a great opportunity to work there and directly experience what is the actual field is like. I am now so excited to work on my dissertation in Sierra Leone this summer. 

By Yoon Young Cho
International Office Ambassador for South Korea
You can email me at: Korea@sheffield.ac.uk

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