Sunday, 15 May 2016

A trip down the history of Rolls-Royce

A trip down the history of Rolls-Royce

If you are interested in engineering or history or the World War I or cars or aerospace you have to plan a trip to Rolls-Royce heritage trust in Derby. Just under an hour drive from Sheffield is the base of one the most respected engineering companies of our times Rolls-Royce. The company was established in 1884 by Henry Royce to make electrical and mechanical components. It started making the famous Rolls-Royce cars in 1904 under a partnership with Charles Rolls. The company was now called as we know it, 'Rolls-Royce'. Soon their cars became very successful and the electronic business was shut to focus on the cars. During world war 1, when aero engines were much similar to auto engines, Royce designed his first aero engine, Eagle to support the allied forces. The second world war saw the company as a main supplier for the Merlin engines. After the wars got over, the company decided to develop the modern gas turbine aero engines. Later, one such development project would force the company to sell off its motor cars division to stay afloat. The history of how the company became what it is today is an exciting story full with twists and turns from a suspense novel! It is a great experience to witness and hear this story!! 

The heritage is located near the company sites in Derby. It houses numerous engines the company has developed over the years, vintage cars, rockets, missiles and everything engineering you could think off! Entry is allowed only by prior appointments which can be made through the heritage's website.  Apart from there is an open day once a year, when entry is allowed without an appointment... so look out for that!
One of the products from the original company Royce Ltd.

The one with the Trent! ;)

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