Monday, 16 May 2016

Cherry Blossom in Sheffield

    Hi everyone. It's me, Ngoc Ha again.

It is spring, and it is time of the cherry blossom, one of the most recognisable harbinger of spring. Not just in Japan, cherry blossom here in Sheffield is spectacular.There are many places in Sheffield where you could find cherry blossom to pose for yourselves nice pictures. In my opinion, there are three places in Sheffield where cherry blossom are most beautiful.

    Peace Garden
    There are about 10 cherry blossom trees at Peace Garden, and these are the earliest to bloom. The colour of the flowers is a light pink, and when they are in full bloom, Peace Garden looks beautiful, and becomes one of the most attractive places for a pose.

Crooks Valley Park
This park is located further west of campus, next door to Department of Politics and Goodwind Sport Centre. The park has a legendary cherry blossom tree line with spectacular view. Unlike that of the flowers in Peace Garden, the colour of the flowers in Crooks Valley Park is of dark pink.

Western Park
Students of the University of Sheffield are no stranger to this park, which is right next door to our main campus. There are also cherry blossom trees at this park, and it is a favourite place to have a barbeque party under the flowers and the bright sun.

Ngoc-Ha Le
International Office Ambassador for Vietnam

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