Thursday, 12 May 2016

Diane goes to the movies in Sheffield at Valley Centertainment

Hiya :)
It's Diane; International Office Ambassador for South Korea. Find out more about me and my time in Sheffield on my web page.

Do you guys like to watch films ?!
I actually didn’t use to like watching films but now I am weirdly into it, and then dwelling on Netflix almost everyday, plus,  a frequent moviegoer as well. So this time, I’d love to share my movie places in Sheffield.

I am personally thinking a movie and dinner are the perfect pair. That’s why I prefer to go to the Valley Centertainment. It is an entertainment complex outside of city centre, being adjacent to a huge shopping mall, Meadow Hall. It’s home to cinema, restaurants bowling place, and even laser tag. Make sure to get in a great meal and fully enjoy Centertainment before or after a movie . How GREAT it is!!


The cinema in Valley Centertainment, called Cineworld, has around twenty screens and an IMAX and 4D screens as well.


Sugary treats and snacks are available from popcorn, ice cream and even a variety of alcohol drinks which isn’t that much familiar though.

And here's a special offer for unlimited in Cineworld for those who are enthusiastic moviegoers.
It costs like £17 in a month and £200 for an annual card. In addition to unlimited access to all kinds of films, card holders can have snack 10% off, 25% discount for some restaurant like Pizza hut. Moreover, tens of further discount or benefits in local shops are being provided with the card holders. Due to my endless ‘to see ’ list, I’d better get one after exams so that I can have the best value for money :D

Don't worry if you think it is a bit far. There’re also many cinemas in walking distance such as Odeon, Curzon where I haven’t been yet, but most of my friends are going and all of them said those are good enough !  

Thank you for reading :)

By Diane (Da Eun) Lee
International Office Ambassador for South Korea

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