Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Have a drink... for Science!!

I absolutely love getting to participate in outreach events, especially the ones that take place in an unusual setting outside of the lecture theatre. Last year I got to present my work on a double-decker bus as part of the 2015 Krebs festival, this was an extremely fun project to work on, and the opportunity to to able to discuss my work with people who are usually outside of academia and my research field is a truly enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Although I did participate in other projects at several outreach events, I would however strongly recommend engaging in events that have an out of the ordinary element into them; no matter what the outcome will be, one thing for sure, it will never be dull!

Krebs Festival: The Mobile University 2015

For this reason, I decided to take part this year in the Pint of Science festival, which is an event held annually around the globe, aimed to deliver accessible science talks to the general public, in a pub!

Pint of Science was established in 2012, now a global festival  run by volunteering  researchers

My talk will be around the research that our group is doing (investigating microbes of the stratosphere), and will share some of our recent findings in the presentation. If you are around Sheffield between the 23rd-25th of May, then be sure to check out some of the talks, the whole schedule and the tickets for it can be viewed here, see you there!.

Tareq- International Office Ambassador from Iraq

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