Thursday, 12 May 2016

Having fun in Sheffield with Tiffany - Part 1

Hey guys! It's me Tiffany.

University is fun for sure. With all the clubs and societies; Give it a Go  etc. offer by the best student union in the country.

But what if you want to do something a little different? It is normal to feel like you need a little getaway from life sometimes. So here's my little guide to what you can do if you are looking for things to do in Sheffield. Let's get right into it!

1: Food Hunt

If you read my previous posts, you would know that I am a foodie. My first suggestion would definitely be food hunting. There are different options in Sheffield itself, from Nottingham House (It's in Broomhill not Nottingham don't worry) offering very British Pie to West street with different pub food or to town with fancy restaurant. You can always find different cuisine in Sheffield.
Next time when you are bored with cooking, go check out that food place everyone talks about!
(Plus personally I am a true believer that food can reduce all those stress from university work)
((All those hills in Sheffield count as post meal work out!))

2.  Go visit a museum or exhibition

As student in Sheffield, we are very lucky. If you walk to university you might walk past Western Park Museum everyday without even noticing (it is on western bank). Go inside for a little lecture break if the weather does not permit you to walk around Western Park!
Alternatively if you are in town already but bored of those clothing stores, you can always go visit Millennium Gallery!

These museums are all located just next to you, definitely take this advantage to visit them.
From time to time they even have special exhibition. Those are not to be missed!

(Museum not pictured in this blog entry. Sorry.)

3. A Getaway (LITERALY) 

Weekend trip. Keep an eyes on those train ticket and sometimes you may be surprised. There are often cheap train tickets to nearby cities or even London. England is full of different cities waiting for you to explore. If you want to change things up a bit, why not go for a weekend getaway? Go take some pictures (to show your friends and family back home); learn about different things in different cities and just do some very tourist things while you can!
(If you don't already know, our student union organise day trip to places around England as part of Give it A Go! So get a ticket for your weekend trip now!)

So this is it for today. Let me know if you have other fun ideas. 
Hope you all have fun and have the best time while you are still in Sheffield!

Tiffany Kwong
International Office Ambassador from Hong Kong

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