Saturday, 28 May 2016

Julie's 10 Favorite Things About Sheffield

Top 10 Things About Sheffield:

1. The people! They weren't joking when they said the English in the North are super pleasant and friendly. As an international student, the university staff and those who own businesses in and around Sheffield are always extremely patient and kind.

The #1 Student Union in the UK
2. The Student Union - Having literally everything you need in one location is AMAZING! Whether I need to grab some lunch at Our Shop, get help at the SSiD (Student Services International Desk), or go to a club night with my friends, it is obvious to see why it's been rated the #1 Student Union in the UK for so many years!!

3. My accommodation - Living in postgraduate housing in Endcliffe Village has been fantastic for me! Even though Sheffield Accommodation is #1 overall in the UK, I'm very satisfied I was placed in Endcliffe because of its facilities and student atmosphere. The student services are constantly coming up with great activities so it has been great being involved in those.

4. The food - I have already done another blog post about food selections in Sheffield (Broomhill specifically) but anywhere in the city you will find awesome restaurants and stops! If there is a speciality food craving you're having, chances are you will not only find one place but probably FIVE that fulfil your food needs.

5. Green spaces - Peak District, Peace Gardens, Endcliffe Park, and The Botanical Gardens are only a few of the many and beautiful green spaces that are all located in and around Sheffield. So if you ever need a breather from the city or campus, there are endless places you can travel, and via walking or public transportation.

Endcliffe Park
6. My seminars/my course mates - Last week was my last seminar EVER at the University of Sheffield. While I am excited to begin my dissertation, I know that I will miss my class discussions and community that were provided by my weekly seminars. However, another reason why I love my course mates so much is that we actively meet up outside of the class at different lectures or casually for a meal. 

7. Live Venues - Sheffield is known for it's music scene, and it has not disappointed! I've been to shows at The Leadmill, Corporation, the Student Union, The Harley and many more. Each time it's been an amazing experience and a great mix of students and locals as well. I also just bought my tickets for the Tramlines music festival in July! Can't wait to see the whole city come together for that!

8. The Libraries - I don't know what I would have done without the Information Commons, Diamond, and other student facilities this past year. The staff are always extremely helpful and the resources are also amazing. Like the Find a PC web page is great for looking at places to study.

The Diamond

9. Other student services - Like the Women's Bus is great after late night study sessions or a night out at the Student Union. This is one of many services that the University is providing in order to ensure the safety of its students.

10. My friends - It's funny to say, but unfortunately because of these people it is going to be so much harder for me to leave Sheffield than I would have imagined. At the University of Sheffield there is a great sense of community within the students, and I have felt it immensely. 

So for any student arriving in Sheffield this September, make sure to appreciate all these facilities, activities, and resources as much as you can. Time flies when you're studying and having fun!

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