Thursday, 26 May 2016

Julie's Top Study Tips

It's that time of the year again, final revisions and examinations! Hopefully these study tips can be used for those of you who are abroad and then later on when you arrive in Sheffield!

Western Bank, just one of many available options
(photo credit Univ. of Sheffield)
1. Breathe, relax. It is natural to have some anxieties while studying for exams or writing final papers. Yet, it is important to take a few minutes every so often to take a break and refocus. One website I love using to meditate is

2. Find a suitable study space. For many people the library is the best option since it has the most readily available resources and quiet study spaces. If you need a computer to use as well, Find a PC is great for doing just that! And if you do better in cafe environments then Sheffield has a variety to choose from like Tamper Coffee locations or even your local pub. Or, sometimes it is just best to take a break from the outside world and stay at home!

3. Caffeinate wisely. As a caffeine fiend myself, relying on a cup of coffee works sometimes to get the brain juices flowing. It has even been cited to help students with concentration and memory. Yet it is important to always remember to consume caffeine responsibly since there are other risks when consuming too much, especially in such a short period of time like revision periods.

Good luck to everyone with exams and papers! You're almost there!

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