Saturday, 21 May 2016

Muaythai Interclubs in Sheffield

Hi, everybody! I am Anaclara from Brazil taking my masters here at UoS in Sustainable Architecture.
Last weekend, I participated in the Muaythai Interclubs, based here in Sheffield at Wicker Camp Gymnasium. It was my second time in  the ring, a real honour to be part of this event and support my colleagues from University of Sheffield Muaythai team. 

Me and Charlotte, also from the team. 

Even before I came to Sheffield, I used to practice Muaythai back in my city in Brazil. So when I moved here, I joined the university training sessions and later I became a member at Wicker Camp, which is one of the most respected and traditional thai box gyms in UK. It was great to find a place here to improve my technique and moreover to be in contact with local people from Sheffield, where I made good friends. I usually practice Muaythai twice a week, unless it is too much busy of study work. 
Well done everybody!
The varsity event was really friendly, with some excellent sparring from students who came from Warwick and Leeds University. Overall, it was really amazing to get more ring experience and challenge myself. Sawadee Kaa! (thai greeting)
Inside the ring.

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