Sunday, 29 May 2016

My 3 favourite things about the Students Union :)

Our Students Union

I know I know you’ve probably heard the words ‘best Students’ Union in the UK by the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey for seven years running’ about our Student Union a few times now (if not, then well you’ve heard it now :p). 
But our SU totally earnt it! 
Here are 3  of my favourite things about it:

1)      Grill and Go (I swear my tummy just rumbled as I wrote those words)

PLEASE have a wrap/burrito/salad from here at least once and I promise you will not regret it. It was an absolute shame that I didn't discover it all the way until second year L 

**a moment of silence for the wraps that were never ingested in first year**

2)      Nifty by day and glitzy by night

The SU hosts some of the most popular student night outs. My favourite is Pop Tarts every Saturday night. Saturday to me is perfectly timed in the week to party and classic pop music just makes it all the better. Others must agree because the tickets get sold out by like Tuesday or Wednesday every week!

3)      It’s just so pweeetty!

The SU was renovated extensively with a completely new block around 2012. It resulted in a modern building you feel truly proud of as a student…especially whilst you show it off to your friends from elsewhere!

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