Monday, 23 May 2016

Over 300 Societies? Easy!

Do you have passion for music or dancing? Are you enjoying wine tastings? May be you are a big Pokemon Fan? Well we have clubs and societies that will satisfy any interests you can imagine! There are over 300 Societies in The University of Sheffield. They can be divided by groups:
  • Cultural Societies - for example Russian-Speaking society, Malaysian Society, German Society and Societies for any other countries;

  • Special Interests Societies - Assasin Guild, Cheese and Wine, Calligraphy, Cosplay may be you always wanted to have a Pok√©mon?? There are societies to fit any interests you might have!

  • Creative - Dancing , Baking, Blogging, Filming... Whatever it is that inspires you, you will always find people who are just like you!   

  • You are passionate about Politics and you just love to debate? There are societies for you! Labour, Marxist, Palestinian and many others are waiting for you!

  • A variety of Faith societies also give you a full freedom to follow your spiritual path or simply learn more about different religions! Hindu, Christian Orthodox, Jewish, Sikh, Atheist - the choice is so wide!

  • Media and Technology is your main hobby? Why not join Forge Press and Media - a student let newspaper, Radio and  a TV Channel!

  • May be your passion is Volunteering and Fundraising? Well then Sheffield Uni is just the right place for you! Our University rises thousands of pounds every year with our Volunteering and Fundraising societies: Sheffield RAG, Sheffield Volunteering, Nightline or Bummit a hitchhiking charity that rose £106,533 (!!!) for charity last year!

You didn't find something that fits your interests? Don't worry there is always an opportunity to start your own society! University will provide you with a great support if you have an idea that you think would be interesting for many people! This way I started the Russian Society last year!

May be you've always wanted to start something different but were too scared/busy/sceptical to do so?
Well guess what! Sheffield University runs Give It A Go sessions! Give DJing, salsa, pole fitness, snow boarding, sewing, cooking, filming a go! You can try whatever you want! If you don't like it its not a problem! You will just find something else that fits you :)

Still not convinced? Well then watch this video and if you don't get goose bumps you must be a real tough cookie ;)

Next time I will tell you more about sports in Sheffield!
So Stay Tuned :)

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