Monday, 23 May 2016

Sports at the University of Sheffield!

Just as promised, this week I want to tell you more about the sports at our University!

The University of Sheffield offers an incredible variety of sports and activities that you can enjoy while studying here. Whatever sport you are looking for, be sure that the university has an opportunity for you to practice and enjoy it. It could be Football, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Boxing, Rock Climbing (with the world biggest bouldering wall), Snowboarding, Hiking, Horse Riding or many other sports you can think of! Most sports gives you an opportunity to be part of a professional team where you get a chance to compete nationally against other universities. Doing sport just for fun? Not a problem, you will have the chance to just enjoy the sport by joining the social sport events, where you can play just for fun, without the pressure to give your best. 
World's biggest bouldering wall 

Equestrian Club

American Football

I would encourage you to join one sport team as, at the end of each academic year, the University of Sheffield competes with the other local university, Sheffield Hallam University, in a Varsity, which is university Olympics where both university compete not only for a trophy, but also for pride. This Varsity broke a world record as hosting the biggest University sport event (outside the US) with 8.000 students coming to watch the final Varsity event, which was the Ice Hockey match between the University of Sheffield and Hallam University! This is one of the best events of the year and it truly unites whole University!
Ice Hockey finals against Hallam

Varsity Poster

Another great thing about the sports at our uni is that you can practice it by yourself! You can rent tennis courts and football fields and you can even create your own 5 A Side football team with your friends or housemates, which is a very fun thing to do. Additionally, you can join an amazing University gym which has the most modern machines, an amazing weights area and an Olympic size swimming pool! 
Sport teams

Goodwin Sports Center

Tennis courts available for rent

So, all I can suggest is to join as many sports as possible at the beginning and continue to practice the ones that you love. And if you've never tried anything before, there is a "Give it a Go" to help you out! Try playing Ice Hockey or Tennis, claiming the world's biggest bouldering wall with Mountaineering club or Horse Riding with the Sheffield University Equestrian Club!There is a chance to try everything without any commitment! 
If you are still not convinced then here's another point: joining a sports society gives you an amazing opportunity to meet new people and be part of fun socials! So trust me it is something you will not regret! 
I hope that this info was useful :)
And as always, take care!
Polina International Office Student Ambassador 

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