Monday, 16 May 2016

Spring in Sheffield

Hi everyone. It’s me, Ngoc Ha again. Today I’m going to tell you a bit of what spring feels like in Sheffield.

Flowers everywhere!

Flowers are what you expect of spring, but nowhere will it be as overwhelming as here in Sheffield. Flowers could be seen blooming everywhere, on the ground, over the trees, on sidewalks, in front of private properties, in every public places like parks, school yards. There are flowers blooming as early as March, which are then replaced by other kinds blooming later into the season. 

Tree leaves are out!
Well it is basic knowledge that leaves come out in spring. But there is something very special about it in Sheffield. Sheffield is known to be the greenest city in the UK, and when the leaves come out with the newly green colour, you could feel the freshness in the air every morning you go out.

It’s sunny, it’s hot. And it’s barbeque time!

The sun rises at 5am and has not set at 9pm. It’s a sunny day, a typical day of spring. It is a perfect time to lay on grass sunbathing and have a barbeque party.

Sunny day! Perfect time for a barbeque.

Ngoc Ha Le
International Office Ambassador for Vietnam

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  1. It's hard to have any complaints about these venues in NYC. It's easy to get a drink since they actually keep enough bartenders working at once, and you'll almost always find a place to sit. I love the vibe, the area, the people and the food at this place.