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The right place to live in - Accomodation in Sheffield

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Accommodation is one of the most important and for some the most important factor people look at while deciding which university to go to. So that's why today my post will be about the accommodation in the University of Sheffield.

Being a person who values comfort, for me accommodation was very important and now that I live in it I know that I've made a right choice. I currently live in one of the student villages - Endcliffe. All together there are 3 student villages - Endcliffe, Ranmoor and Stephenson. They are located very close to each other and approx. 15 minutes walking from the Uni. There is also an option to live in the city centre accommodation. I would pick that one if you want to live in the city and avoid walking every day.

Today I want to talk more about the Endcliffe Village and why do I think that it's amazing to live there. First of all - the community. If you live in a private accommodation it's not very likely that you will get to know as many people as you will meet in Endcliffe. You will get to know your flat, your floor, your entire block. It's like living in a summer camp where you always know that there will be someone to talk to or just to hang out with.

Second of all - comfort. There are 2 types of contract you can have - catered or not catered. There are also different types of rooms - shared bathroom, en-suite and deluxe. I live in the not catered Deluxe room in Howden. In this room you get a double bed (which is really comfy by the way!), a wardrobe, very big table with some drawers, shelves and a big bathroom with a shower. There is an extra storage space under the bed which is really handy for things like suitcases , boxes or simply the things you don't want to use at the moment. My flat has 5 rooms, 2 of which are deluxe rooms and 3 standard en-suite rooms. However other flats normally have more rooms - for example a flat across the hall from us has 8 standard rooms. Standard rooms have the same features as deluxe rooms , but they have less space and a single bed. Shared-bathrooms apartments have a sink in the room and share a bathroom within a flat.

Here are some pictures of my own room:

And this is what a Standard En-Suite Room looks like:

To be completely honest with you I like my small flat of 5 much more - it's easier to keep it tidy;) . My flat is also single-gendered. This was determined by the demands of the girls that I live with. There are also mixed-gender flats, even most of them are. My flat is also international - I have girls from France, Spain and Japan living with me and I find it to be very interesting because you get a chance to explore other cultures. Being a part of the flat you need to share a kitchen. It gives you an amazing opportunity to communicate with people. For example most of the time at the end of the day we all get together at the kitchen to have dinner and talk about our day.

Those are not my pictures but most of the kitchens look something like that:

Other advantage of the Endcliffe Village is in it's facilities. For example - The Edge is a unique student bar which is in the heart of the Village. You can have a drink, snack, play pull or participate in karaoke night there. There are also some activity rooms that often run Give It a Go Sessions like Yoga, Salsa, Self defence and other interesting activities. At the bottom floor of the Edge you will find a cafeteria. If you are a catered student you will receive a GeniUS card on your arrival and every week you will get a £47,50 allowance per week on your card. You could use this allowance in a different cafes and cafeterias around the accommodation and campus.

 The laundry room is also located in The Edge. When you arrive in your package you get a laundry card. You can top it up online and then use in the facility. A wash costs around £2,30 and drying costs something like £1.50. It does come out to be a bit pricy, but you can always join with your flatmates to wash more close at a time.

Another huge benefit of this complex is the fact that it has a Village Store. Having closest shop up the hill can be very annoying when you simply want to buy a toothpaste. For those purposes there is a small shop on the territory of the Village. You can buy all of the necessities there - toiletries, rice, pasta, sauces, noodles, drinks, meat, vegetables ,frozen foods, and even some kitchen tools. So it's a perfect option for the students who don't want to go too far to buy what they want. And you can also use your GeniUS card there to buy whatever you want (excluding alcohol and tobacco)

Overall, The University of Sheffield Accommodations are amazing. I can tell you that because I visited all types of rooms and buildings and all of them provided students who lived in them with quality and comfort. And you will surely find something to do on Friday night with all the facilities it has. And I can most certainly say that my room and my flat became a real second home for me.

You can find out more information about prices and things like that if you follow this link.

So that's it for today, but like always feel free to comment and let me know what do you want to read about next!

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