Thursday, 12 May 2016

Tiffany's Official Varsity Day

Hello everyone. It's me Tiffany, IOA from Hong Kong!

So now is end of April meaning it's essay season AGAIN! (Gotta finish all those deadline before exam).
What different this time is- I am suffering from varsity withdrawals.
*Why can't varsity be every week?*

Vday probably means valentine's day for most people. But for us bunch athletes in Sheffield, Vday has another meaning. YES! Vday is VARSITY DAY.
Sheffield Varsity is an annual sports event with many different competition between Uni Of and Hallam. There's netball, tennis, korfball and even cycling. This year marks the 20 years of Sheffield Varsity. And of course; we are the winner of Varsity 2K16 (FOUR YEARS IN A ROLL!)

This year I played for Uni Of once again in women's basketball. Win or lose, the goal is to show Hallam (or really anyone) our PRIDE to be able to wear those letters (Sheffield) on our jersey, representing the one and only University of Sheffield.
***And early birds had the chance to grab all these spirit freebies!***

Another part is definitely the post-game celebration. I always love to hang out with my team after games.

Every year, the biggest event is the ice hockey final. There was a record breaking of almost 8000 spectators! It all started with a very loud tram ride to the arena with a very excited game of ice hockey and end with celebration in our student union.
(That's our routine. We go there, play the game at our best, then we celebrate in style!)

If you missed varsity this year, be sure to check it out next year! No matter if it's sports park day full of rugby or EIS day with netball, volleyball; you will have just as much fun chanting loudly with your friends! Show your pride with your friends and have the best week of your life! 

Tiffany Kwong
International Office Ambassador from Hong Kong

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