Thursday, 19 May 2016

Top 3 Burger Places in Sheffield

Besides having cute little coffee shops, Sheffield is also home to some of the best burgers places. Well, I personally think so. Throughout my 3 years in Sheffield, I have tasted and eaten burgers that were beyond delicious.

Below are the top burger places, which I highly recommend for any burger lovers to pay a visit.

The Harley

Located near the Information Commons and a walking distance from the Students' Union, The Harley is not only famous for its night life and live music, but their burgers are to die for. I always like to drop by in the afternoon to have a burger, when it is less crowded.

This is the first place in Sheffield where I've eaten burger (McDonalds do not count), so it will always hold a special place.

Here is a short glimpse of the burger menu and trust me, all the listed burgers are WORTH trying at least once.


OMG. That's how I would describe my first reaction when I ate the burger. I regretted not visiting this place earlier, despite passing by it countless times.

Located in the city centre, turn right into the walkway beside NEXT and Three; you will find this lovely coffee shop, which serves not only great coffee but also, underrated and ah-mazing burgers!

Cow Boys Burger

I first tasted this incredible burger was during the Peddler Market at Sheffield. You can taste the amount of dedication and delicacy they put into their burgers. I couldn't help but go in for a second round, despite being so full.

I have not visited their main stall in Sheffield, but according to their website, they are located at 82 Murray Road, Sheffield.

You can view their delicious burgers on their Facebook page: 


For anyone who has yet to visit these places, you are missing out big time! Drop in the early afternoon during the weekends to avoid heavy crowds and indulge in these fine burgers. You will thank or not thank me later, because you would not be able to stop eating these burgers!
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