Friday, 27 May 2016

Weekend in Sheffield

Since I've spent a year in Sheffield already I think I am qualified enough to give you a plan for a weekend in Sheffield.. Or even 2 plans!

Option 1 - Nice Weather

 If you were lucky enough to catch glimpse of nice weather in Sheffield head to the Peak Districts! Being very close to the Uni, it allows you to reconnect with nature, enjoy clean air and beautiful landscapes. Have a bike? Even better! You can ride it around the peak District and stop somewhere nice for a picnic lunch. Trust me , after the day with the nature you will fall asleep like a baby and wake up fresh and ready for a new day!
And if you don't like to just walk around for the whole day, you could visit an Alpaca Farm (I mean, who wouldn't want to go and look at the furry alpacas???). For more info visit their website.

If on the Day 2 you were lucky again and observed sun and nice breeze why not take a walk through the city centre and visit Winter Gardens? You will have a lovely time and get a chance to take some
nice pictures.
Peak District
Alpaca Farm

Winter Gardens

City Center

Option 2 - Bad Weather

  If the weather let you down, don't worry, I won't! So if its raining and you still want to have some fun then lets go shopping! Meadowhall is a huge shopping mall in Sheffield and it will take you 10 minutes to get there by tram. You can easily spend a day there! To find out what shops do they have, follow the link.
Meadowhall Food Court

Meadowhall Center

 Not a shopping fan? Not a problem! Another option you have is to visit a Valley Centertainment! This is an ultimate weekend place with an IMAX cinema, bowling, laser quest, mini golf and a lot of nice restaurants! It's a really great place to go to with your friends. Find their website here. And what makes it even better, there is an ice ring 5 minutes away. They have great deals for students on Saturdays so take an advantage of that and go ice skating! More info here. All of those attractions could keep you busy for the entire weekend!

Valley Centertainment - Cineworld Cinema


 So there you go! I hope those tips will help you to plan a nice weekend.

Take care,
Polina International Office Ambassador Russia

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