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What to think about when you choose student accommodation

Here are some of my tips on what to consider when you are choosing which university accommodation to stay in.

This, of course, only applies if you have chosen to stay in university accommodation, or halls, in your first year, a decision I consider as very wise.

First of all, if you are an undergraduate and are looking towards making friends for life as well as living comfortably, I would highly recommend living in halls.

Here, everybody is in the same boat, keen to make friends and socialise with each other.

Sheffield has three student villages: Endcliffe, Ranmoor, and City accommodation.

Within these three villages, you can choose whether or not you would like to live in catered accommodation, where food is provided for you and you pay for it with credits through the GeniUS card you will be get upon arrival. Or, you can choose to live in self-catered accommodation, in which you are provided with a shared kitchen with all facilities needed to cook for yourself.

Endcliffe is the biggest student village, and it is the one I lived in during my first year. I had an en-suite room, with a single bed, and shared the communal space with five other lovely ladies. Three of them from the UK, one from India and an Erasmus student from the Virgin Islands. I am currently living in private accommodation with two of them, proving this is a great way to meet friends. Endcliffe is about 20 minutes away from the university student's union, however there are buses that will take you to, and from, the student village (which is great on the way back - Sheffield is full of hills!).

Ranmoor is located close to Endcliffe, but it is a bit quieter and popular with both mature and international students. Whereas Endcliffe has a very student-y feel to it, with a lot of socialising and partying, Ranmoor stays a bit quieter on the weekends. It was built after Endcliffe, and is a bit more modern, if that is what you are looking for. This is again great for mature students, as some studio flats are located here.

If you are not looking to break a sweat every time you walk home, City accommodation is a great option. Located right next to one of the university's main buildings, Mappin, it is literally five minutes away. There is a chance of showing up in your pyjamas more often when living here as you live so close, but you can definitely rock that look. This is again great for post-grads, or mature students, as it does not necessarily have that student-y feel, but it is near the city centre, train station and university.

Check-list for choosing accommodation:

1. Do I want to live in single-sex accommodation, or mixed?
2. Do I want to get food cooked for me, or would I like experiment with cooking (for about one week before you save Dominos on quick-dial...)
3. Do I want to live closer to the city centre, or do I want that community-feel they have in Endcliffe?
4. What is more important to me: the type of room I have, or the location of the accommodation?

If you are an undergrad, click here for more information about accommodation.
If you are a postgrad, click here for more information about accommodation.

Kaja - International Office Ambassador for Norway 

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