Wednesday, 22 June 2016

5 Things You Need to Know About Packing to Leave to Another Country

It's that time of the year now when you probably already accepted your offer and now thinking: "Hmm.. What should I bring to Sheffield with me?" Well, let me tell you 5 things you need to know about packing.

1)  Bring something that will make you feel home.
Moving away from home can be a big challenge and you will feel homesick from time to time. And to feel better in those moments bring something that will make you feel like you are home! For me it was a toy my little brother gave me, but it can be anything from your baby pillow to your mom's scarf that smells like her perfume.

2) You won't need all that!
Trust me, you won't wear everything you are trying to bring. I mean, come on, you have a limited weight for your luggage. Just bring your favourite things, things you know you wore over the last few month and not the things that will just lie in your storage. Just trust the person who came to Sheffield with 5 suitcases, YOU WONT NEED ALL THAT (oh, I wish I could tell this to myself!)

3) Bring warm stuff!
Instead of that cute summer dress that you didn't wear yet but you think that you definitely will, bring a warm jacket! It can become really cold, windy and rainy here in Sheffield. And when one of those days come you will thank me!

4) You will find it in England
If you think that you really need something that you won't be able to find in England, you are probably wrong! If you won't be able to find it in the shops then I'm pretty sure you will find it online. However if it's something super-rare and you are not ready to give up this specific product - research it first. And if you're not able to find it for sale online then you should probably bring it! For me it was always some kind of food :)

5) Be careful with food!
Find out about the customs in UK because you are not allowed to bring in certain things, so if your mom also gave you some home-made food for the road make sure you'll be able to bring it to UK with you!

I hope those tips will help you to avoid bringing useless things and help you with packing!
Hope to see you in Sheffield.

Take care,
Polina International Office Ambassador Russia

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