Friday, 24 June 2016

Give it a Go!!

Give it Go sessions in Sheffield are a fantastic opportunity to try something new at University. If you
want to learn new skills and make new friends it is a good place to start. Give it a go sessions cover a
very wide range of fascinating activities starting from day trips and language courses to dancing and sport activities as archery and bouldering.

Sport activities in particular cover everything from scuba diving to trampolining. All sessions are one
off induction testers which give an idea of what the particular sport includes. All sessions run at
beginners level, so everybody no matter what their ability has a chance to find out whether they
enjoy a particular activity or not before committing to it. Before I came to university I played football
and swam a lot, but was not even suspecting how much I would enjoy archery and bouldering. For
example, I also tried playing rugby, but found out that it is too physical for me, so it might take time
to find what you really like to do.

Language courses provided by Give it a Go are usually only several weeks long and will not give
extensive language knowledge, but you will have an opportunity to learn commonly used phrases
which would aid you in everyday communication. This might be extremely useful experience if you
plan to visit a country where this language is used.

One day long trips offered by Give it a Go is a perfect opportunity to visit different part of thecountry and learn a bit more about British culture. You may be able to talk to people from different
parts of the world and make a lot of new friends during these trips.

To sum up, this programme is really great for finding out what you enjoy to do and enhance your
university experience, so I strongly advise to Give it a Go!

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