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Let's talk money! TIPS and TRICKS

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Today I want to talk to you about how much money you will need if you come to study in Sheffield and some tips about saving money when you're here! One of the many nice things about Sheffield is the fact that it's the city with one of the lowest living costs in UK! And to be honest after I lived in Oxford and London I can tell you that it's true! Just to throw some numbers in there: it costs average of £3,700 less per year ‭to live in Sheffield as a student than it does in London. This makes Sheffield a perfect place for Students.
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So let's look at the breakdown of costs:

1) Accommodation fees

Probably the biggest spending you will encounter whilst you're studying in Sheffield. The rent in the accommodation provided by University varies between £120 and £155 per week. This includes all of the bills as well as the internet. I would recommend living in student accommodation for the first year since it makes in easier to make friends and socialise.

TIP: But if you want to save some money, go for the private accommodation - on average it comes out to be cheaper then University accommodation (for example I pay £76 a week but this doesn't include bills).

Endcliffe Village

2) Food

Personally I spend around £25 a week for food that I buy for home. Sometimes I would get a takeaway or go to the restaurant - on average it would cost me around £10 (less for a fast-food place and more for a fancy place). This cost however can grow significantly if you are a party-animal and you go to the clubs a lot.

TIP: To avoid spending a lot of money in the clubs pre-drink at home with your friends - a lot of British people do it.

3) Textbooks

Textbooks are pretty expensive here in UK. The price of textbooks might vary depending on the subject you are going to be doing. The cheapest textbook I ever got was £40 (new) and the most expensive one was £120 (new). On average you will need 1 book for each of your modules, it might be more though!

TIP: Buying new books is not the only option though! There are a lot of student selling second hand books on Facebook so look out for those (last time I bought 2 books that would have cost me £100 together for £25). You should also check the Library before buying any books - we have a great variety there.

4) Sports and Societies

Most of the societies and sport teams would have a membership fees. Sports usually have a higher charge (Ice Hockey players pay £150 a term + the cost of the kit). National and academic societies charge around £3 for a year membership. Special interest societies might charge more though (Pole Fitness Society charges £6 a year). The peak membership in the University Gym will cost you around £28 a month.

TIP: You don't have to pay for the membership straight away! Most of the sports and societies will have Give it a Go sessions where you could try an activity you are interested in.

5) Travel

The cost of the Student Bus ticket is £1 in Sheffield (you will have to show your student card though). In order to get to the Ice Rink, Valley Centertainment or Meadowhall take a tram, it would cost you £3 for a day ticket. In order to save money while travelling through UK I would recommend you to take a Bus (MEGABUS fares start from only £1!). If you value your time though you might be better off taking the train - normally the ride between Sheffield and London would be around £20 if you book it in advance.

TIP: If you are planning on doing a lot of travelling around UK get a RailCard! For £30 it will cut 30% off your train fare for the whole year.

6) Clothing

Here everything depends on you and your tasted really. Sheffield has a variety of shops both high end and low-cost. So the spending on clothes can really vary.

TIP: Look out for the seasonal sales, Black Friday and Student Shopping nights to get some good discounts!
7) Additional spending

Other things you will have to spend your money on are toiletries, entertainment like cinema and £34 for the police registration. Find out more about police registration here.

TIP: Follow your favourite places on social media and look out for special offers.

I hope that this post will help you to get a better idea about how much money you are likely to spend while living here in Sheffield!

So those are the costs that I faced while being a student at Sheffield Uni and my ways of cutting those costs :) What ways of saving money do you have? Let me know in the comments below.

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