Friday, 10 June 2016

World Parade

One of the most exciting things about University of Sheffield is its unique international atmosphere. 

The University puts a lot of effort to continue developing a trademark of culturally diverse and tolerant community.

Recently I participated in a fantastic event called World Parade. Every year all national and cultural student societies wear their traditional dresses and walk from Student Union to City Hall, waving national flags, following the rhythms of drums (thanks to Samba society)!

This year me and my friend Zhanibek Bakin represented Kazakhstan. 

Although there were only two of us from our country, the advantage was that we had all the requisite for our own use! So we put on Kazakh society’s best traditional dresses, took  two huge Kazakh flags and it was amazing! Wearing a historic dress, I felt like an ancient Kazakh khan or batyr (hero)! 

We still had two smaller flags and did not know what to do with them, so we gave them to our Chinese friends. Hope they enjoyed being Kazakhs for an hour while walking down the streets with our flags (haha!). 

World Parade attracted a lot of attention, it went in a very friendly and nice atmosphere and I recommend everyone to take part in it next year! 

Daniyar International Office Ambassador Kazakhstan 

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