Thursday, 23 June 2016

Regine talks Intro Week!

Hi, this is Regine; International Office Ambassador from Hong Kong.

When you get to Sheffield, there's so much waiting for you - one of the main highlights is the Intro week (19 September - 24 September) , the week when everyone starts to come back and settle in, you get to meet your new flatmates, see your old friends, there's just so much to do. 

Intro week is full of activities hosted by the Union, a few highlights are: 
1. Activities Fair
Every single society from the Photography club to Art society will be putting up a stall during this day, there will be an activity that you might be interested about since there are about fourty different societies that will be there. There will be music, flyers, enthusiastic students advertising their society, its a very fun day. 

2. Sports Fair
Every sports club will make an appearance trying to recruit potential new athletes that will represent the University. However, the clubs aren't only for students that want to play competitive sport but also for those who are interested in playing the sport for recreational purposes. It's always fun to see the Judo and Karate Clubs practicing on the stage, the American football Club wearing all their kit, the cheerleaders walking around in their cheer kit, the swimmers wearing speedos and giving out flyers. 

3. Job Fair
Come armed with a bunch of your CVs to this fair, everyone will be looking for part time jobs that ca be done over the school year, something that you may be interested in. Employers will be taking down names and emails to update you on their potential jobs and future positions. It is always good to go to that since there usually are some big companies (KPMG, RBS etc) there to offer jobs, something that could look very good on your CV! 

4. Nights out
The Union will organise nights out for every night of the week, something that happens every year. It is very common for new students to go out a few times that week since it is a very easy way to meet new people and make friends. However, if drinking is not for you there are also other activities held by the union such as trips and outings! 

By Regine Cheung
International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong

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