Thursday, 23 June 2016

Things to bring to Sheffield by Regine

Hi, this is Regine; International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong.

Before I came to Sheffield I hadn’t even ever set foot in England, so I literally had no idea what to bring, what to do, what the weather or environment was like. It was a major stress moment, but after experiencing that initial packing trouble I am now able to pack like a pro – and hopefully I can pass this onto you.

1.       Know exactly how much luggage you can actually take!
A lot of airlines have strict luggage weight policies, it is useful to keep in mind exactly how much you can bring, by knowing how much you can bring it cuts down on the chances of over packing and just gives you a guideline on how much you can bring.

2.       Don’t bring all your clothes
I was an idiot and so decided to bring almost all of my clothes, which posed two problems. Firstly, I literally never wore about half of the clothes, which then just sat at the bottom of my closet. Secondly, every time I did want to bring something home during the holidays I would then have the problem of packing it all over again and dragging it back home. Only bring the essentials, and if you look at a shirt and think, ‘oh I might need this’, you probably don’t need it.


           Bring something that reminds you of home
For me, I brought a bunch of photos of my friends and family from home, and a very typical Hong Kong Street sign to stick up on my wall. I also brought food that I liked from home, which was so amazing for the winter nights or for when I was particularly missing home.

            Bring all of your necessities
There might be a particular home remedy that you use, or something you know for a fact that England doesn’t sell. Bringing these will be a life saver when you do actually need it. Documents, medication, prescriptions etc. are all important so don’t forget those!

Don’t worry too much about packing, worst case scenario you can buy it when you’re in England. Good luck and happy packing!

By Regine Cheung
International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong

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