Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Top 10 Favourite things about Sheffield

Sheffield is an amazing city to live in, and I think that I've said it quite a few times already. However today I want to talk about my Top 10 Favourite things about Sheffield!

1. Size matters

I've been living in Oxford for 3 years and to be honest I got tired of how small Oxford was. After being there for 3 years I knew the city throughout. On the other hand, later on I got a chance to live in London for a few month. And this was a truly crazy experience, because for my taste, London is way too busy and there are too many people in it. So that's where Sheffield comes in. Sheffield is the perfect city for me. It is big, with many things that you can do on the weekend or in your free time and at the same time it is not busy. At all. I've never felt uncomfortable in the tram or in the bus because of too many people around me, like I did in London ; and I never felt bored because after spending a year here I still haven't visited so many places!

Sheffield Skyline
2. Safety

I am a kind of a person who would always prefer getting a cab to get home after staying for too long in the library then walking in the darkness. However, I noticed something since I moved to Sheffield - I can easily walk for half an hour in a dark alley, late in the evening and I will feel safe - although that doesn't me4an you should take risks with your safety and it's always better to walk with friends than on your own. Another amazing service the University of Sheffield has is a Women Bus. This bus can pick you up from the university and for 1 pound get you straight to you accommodation. So if you feel uncomfortable going home alone after a night out or you feel that you are really tired and you don't have money for the cab, you will always find a way of getting home safely!  In addition If you’ve run out of money on a night out, then you can still get safely home by taking advantage of our Safe Taxi Scheme.
All you need to do is call City Taxis on 0114 239 39 39 (Tip: Save this number to your mobile!), remembering to quote ‘Safe Taxi Scheme’.
Once you arrive at your destination, instead of paying, you can hand over your UCard. The taxi driver will give you a receipt and will return your UCard to the Students’ Union welcome desk within 24-48 hours.
All you need to do is simply take your receipt along to the welcome desk, pay the taxi fare and get your UCard back.

3. Nature

Did you know that Sheffield is one of the Greenest city in the UK? I didn't! When I came here for an open day , I thought that Sheffield is a "Steel city", all industrial and polluted. However, when I saw the amount of green colour around the city I was surprised. You even notice that the air is cleaner here! And of course there is amazing Peak District - incredible National Park, which is only 30 minutes away! And that's where it becomes really beautiful, endless green hills and beautiful lake make a perfect setting for a day on the countryside!

Peak District
4. Shopping

Just like any other girl, I love to shop! And Sheffield has an amazing shopping mall - Meadowhall. It has over 250 shops of famous brands - from Primark to Armani, big cinema and a big food court with food from all over the world! That's a place where you can shop for everything you need!



Now Food is a big part for me. I looove to have a nice dinner at a nice restaurant. And my love for Sheffield is partly for the fact that it has all sorts of restaurants all over the city. Sushi, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, French and other cuisines will satisfy any of your dietary needs!

6. Cost of living

The fact that Sheffield has one of the lowest costs of living became a pleasant surprise for me. Trust me, visiting London after a few months of living in Sheffield you will look at their crazy prices and ask yourself: "why did I come here again?"

7. Closeness to London 

Speaking about London. Even though it is a very big city, many people love visiting London for a weekend or holidays. And I don't see a reason why not, considering the fact that the way will take you only 2 hours by train! Yes, that's right, you can travel to the other side of the country in only 2 hours!

Sheffield Train Station

8. Diversity

No matter where are you coming from you will always find people who come from the same country! And even though at first I believed that there were just a few Russian students in Sheffield, now I am run a Russian Society which encounters over 100 members at the moment! But the fact that you can meet people from a variety of cultures and learn something new is also very exciting!

International Cultural Evening

International Cultural Evening

9. Proper winter

You know how on the South you see snow once in three years and then everyone loses  their mind even though it melts the moment it touches the ground? Well in Sheffield you will see a proper winter! Snow everywhere, students making snowmen and snow angels... It is so much fun!

Winter in the Botanical Gardens

10. Beauty

Even though, some parts of Sheffield still remained industrial, the contrast between those parts and new buildings make this city stunning!

So that's what I love about Sheffield!

Take care!
Polina International Office Ambassador Sheffield

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