Monday, 20 June 2016

University Accommodation

If it is the first time you are coming to university in a foreign country and you are worried
about integration to the community and finding new friends, university accommodation
might be the best option available as most students coming will be in a similar situation.

There are three main areas of university accommodation: Endcliffe, Ranmoor and City
Campus. Endcliffe and Ranmoor comprise the main part of the accommodation where most
1-st year students live. People generally live in shared flats in either en-suite (own
bathroom) or shared bathroom rooms with a big shared living room and kitchen where
there is enough space for everyone in both cases.

Endcliffe and Ranmoor are both about 20-25 minutes away from the main University
buildings and Students Union, but there is a bus station nearby if you prefer using buses
rather than travelling by foot. The best thing about these accommodation areas is lots of
different activities going on especially when you just arrive there, so there will always be an
opportunity to socialize and make new friends. It is also a very green place which is
extremely near to Endcliffe Park and Peak District.

City Campus is only 5 minutes walk the newly built engineering building- the Diamond. City
Campus has studio apartments as well which are often chosen by postgraduate students
who do not want to be involved in social life that much. Great thing about City Campus is
that it is very close to main University buildings (except for some, better check the map first)
and has lots of shops and cafes on the West Street just 7-8 minutes from the
accommodation, so you will be able to save a lot of travel time.

No matter whether you are undergraduate or postgraduate students, university
accommodation will have something suitable for you, but if you find it to be too expensive
you will be able to try to find something suitable in private sector which website may help you with.

Eldar - International Office Ambassador Azerbaijan 

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