Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tiffany's Final Blog Part 1: How to prepare for Sheffield

Hello everyone! I am Tiffany, International Office Ambassador from Hong Kong.

In this first post of my final blog series, I will take you through how to prepare coming to Sheffield from what to bring here to what I wish I knew. Let's get started!

1. Congratulations! You're coming to Sheffield and you will LOVE it! 

You just finished your exams and going on a new chapter, so chill out and spend this summer before university with your friends and family at home. You are about to live in another country for months, probably without seeing anyone from home. Do spend some (or as much as possible) quality time with them to share your joy and excitement of attending University of Sheffield!

2. What to pack in your suitcase? 
Do not pack last minute!!! Make a list of things that you need to prepare coming to Sheffield so you are not going to forget anything. Also, it is very important to check with your airline of your luggage allowance.

Pack up water proof coat and layers of warmth clothes (alternatively you can buy it in Sheffield, but it is always good to be prepared)! The Sheffield weather is quite windy and it will rain, but don't worry you will get used to it very soon after you arrive. Do bring enough but NOT every pieces of clothing you own!
(P.S. I think Arts Tower might be one of the most windy place in the entire Sheffield)

Also, pack up study essentials (like your exam pen if you have one) or anything that you NEED like any medical prescription. You can get almost everything from Sheffield, but if you have something that you're used to/ using every single day, do bring it with you!

As a foodie I would also say pack one or two of your favourite snack cause you are going to miss it, do make sure you can take them to the UK though.

3. Preparing for your study 
Personally, I think you don't have to rush into buying every single books before arriving university. In my first year I bought many books, which I barely used because they are all available online by university. I would recommend make sure you NEED the textbooks before buying every single one of them.

If there is anything that you are in doubt, feel free to ask sending some emails!

Good luck! Before coming to Sheffield, I never expect it would be the best three years of my life. I am proud to say I have learnt a lot from all the ups and downs. You might not notice it but even before arriving Sheffield, you will already be learning life lesson like how to pack! One best thing I learn from my university life is to always stay positive and open minded. Enjoy university as much as possible but don't stress yourself to have it perfect everyday. It is normal to have those homesick/ breaking down moment, what make a difference is you will learn to get through it with support from friends and university. You guys are SO LUCKY to be coming to Sheffield so soon. I hope you will be able to find out who you want to be during your time in university and I am sure every single one of you are going to be so bright! I loved my time at Sheffield and I hope you will too!

By Tiffany Hiu Lam Kwong
Hong Kong Ambassador

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