Friday, 12 August 2016

Fest Hub: Sheffield City of Festivals

"Fest hub" a phrase i coined following my recent experience in Sheffield from one even to the next Sheffield seems to have the energy and vibe to pull it off. May be this can be attributed to the community that want to see Sheffield remain a vibrant and interactive city that attracts the world to itself.
Shef Doc Fest 
If you are a lover of documentaries Sheffield host the grandest of them all drawing over 1000 documentary producers and hosting numerous events. Well, i recently got an opportunity to have a pick of it and attended two of the many events; Rwanda and Romeo, and the interview with Michael Moore. Sad though i never got the full experience due to other assignments, but glad all the same to have taken a piece of the "pie".

The summer season booms with life and festival from barbecues in the park, house parties to street carnivals that are a marvel. If you are a lover of street rock dance and party. Sheffield takes it to another level. The tramlines an inner city music festive makes partying part of a day to day living, a good thing if you ask me. As life is made up of music. With DJs mixing and dancing happening in the middle of the city streets life can not be so filling if you don't have a part of this experience. Well, I just had to say it Sheffield draws all to the city.
For the time I have been here I have not seen such a lively city that has no cultural boundaries and everyone feels at home in the streets, at home and in every social life. It true Sheffield is not only the Greenest City in Europe but if you asked me I would add "It is the City that defines Life and Living in Full".

Sheffield Food Festival
Writing about this still makes my mouth salivate. Will I never took photos to capture the moment the month of May ushered a great festival and those of us who love trying new cuisines from Asian, African, American and British Iconic cuisines you have food party at your disposal. Its said the way to a mans heart is through the stomach, but this misses the point and I dare add the way to a happy lady heart too is through a satisfying and well presented meal. From its restaurants to its food carnival Sheffield to me touches my soul this as the heart of unity can only be expressed when we share and enjoy food together. 

While there are many events that you could attend in Sheffield that would make your time in the city an adventure of a life time. The three events have made me discover the beauty of Sheffield as multicultural, diverse community, that has made me feel home away from home. From its landscape, the hills and its people, as a student you desire nothing short of a fulfilled experience, and Sheffield University and city crowns it.

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