Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Sheffield: The Holistic Experience

There are many things that make the University of Sheffield a unique and outstanding premier institution. It’s diversity, wealth of culture, and harmonic community notwithstanding.   Simply put it is a fulfilling studying experience.
In my one year as Master students I have gained and learnt to appreciate the efficiency and reliability of systems that recognize and reward effort. Recently, I was privileged to have been part of a team that attended the REDD (Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradations) plus Oslo Exchange Conference in Norway. An international platform and instrument of global policing on climate change.

As a social science student the desire to interact and develop your policy skills remains a critical aspect of your studies both knowledge and practice whether as an undergraduate or as a postgraduate student. In recognizing this need, the university as an accredited institution of social research endeavours to facilitate this initiative through Global Leadership Initiative taking students on board as policy analyst. These global defining conference opportunities aim at nurturing students ‘global perspective on policy, and therefore present unique opportunities for learning, interacting with experts, aid in enabling career network, and witness defining moments of history. 
GLOSS stands for Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences (GLOSS) and aims to promote student engagement in global learning. The scheme provides students with unique opportunities to understand their courses in an international context, actively engage with international policy makers, stakeholders and partners, and be involved in international research undertaken within the Faculty of Social Sciences. Gloss in 2016 alone has supported students to attend six international conference, with two lined up to happen in the beginning of fall.

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