Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Peak Cave visit, Castleton

                                                The Peak Cave visit, Castleton

The closest adventurous place near Sheffield has always been the Peak District. It’s an amazing place for trekking amidst dense woodlands along the prominent porter valley river and riverine river as it is in the country side but I never knew there is this amazing show cave to discover that was used by the lead miners once. It is also known as the devil’s arse because of the noise of Peakshole water moving in and out of the cave after flooding. It has an interesting layer of rock formation of stalactites of limestone which was naturally formed and thought provoking historical background stories to hear. Though it is a guided tour, it really felt scary to go inside deeper as it was totally pitch black dark.

There are buses that leave from Sheffield to the Peak district Castleton, Derbyshire. It roughly takes an hour to reach. They have tours every hour, and the fees are very nominal. Very close to this mysterious cave lies another underground river cave, called the Speed Well. Tickets, when visiting both are given concessions and costs around £15. This journey particularly thrills you more as you got to sail on a boat into the cave tunnel. All you can see is water and few dim lights suggesting a direction. There is no way out once you have boarded and have started your journey and is one-mile-long tunnel with just sufficient head height after you are seated. But definitely safety is considered first and everyone is instructed by the guides to wear the hard hat to protect themselves from injuries against the rocks. The guides are really cool and entertaining as they have a lot of stories to share of the old times and some of them are haunted. They also give you a live demo of how ropes were made in those days to hang and go deep into the earth. The best part is when you go inside you feel a bit colder, as the inside temperature is 10 degrees naturally and when you return back you suddenly feel the mist inside the cave. It gives you a total different weather feeling because of the natural wind flow inside the tunnel. But having visited other caves, this is totally worth a visit as it lies amidst the picturesque Peak district and the lovely topographical changes just takes you amazed.

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