Words of advice from a scholarship winner

By Saylee Jangam

I'm now in my final year studying BEng Bioengineering and as an International Student Ambassador and a scholarship winner, I often get asked questions about writing the scholarship essay.

Show your enthusiasm for the course
The India Merit Undergraduate scholarship is as the name suggests a Merit scholarship primarily, so outstanding grades form the basis of your application. The University looks for enthusiastic individuals and this needs to come across in your essay. I did a lot of research about the University and not just about my course, but also about the extra-curricular activities I could get involved in. In my essay, I spoke about why I had chosen this course, what made me a unique individual in terms of the experiences I had had in my life and what I had learned from them as well as the things I would like to do at University and how I could contribute to the community here by being a student. The main aim of this essay is to bring out all your strengths, to highlight them. In many ways, it is like a personal statement but it has to be more specific to the scholarship.
My scholarship ceremony

Highlight your achievements 

I would first suggest a prospective applicant that they make a list of all their achievements so far (academic, extra-curricular, personal) and then think about what those things have taught them. The next step would be to highlight more closely on one or two of those achievements to talk about how they had an impact on their life. Emphasise why you want to do the course you have chosen, make this personal as is usually the case. The essay shouldn't be beyond the word limit as it won't fit in the online application form. It should be detailed but also concise in a manner that introduces the individual's personality well enough to make them stand out. 
Lastly, go through the student profiles of recent winners of this scholarship. Here is mine:

Being presented my award at the scholarship ceremony


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