The Russell Group Research Experience

The motivation for pursuing research

Research. Innovate. Discover. These are the three words that best describe my journey with regards to research experience and exposure at The University of Sheffield. Being among the Russell Group universities, The University of Sheffield has offered me the best undergraduate research experience, something I was looking for in my undergraduate degree. 
What is a Russell Group University?
The Russell Group is a group of 24 leading UK Universities committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching, learning experience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector.
My research experience while studying at Sheffield The University of Sheffield offered me research experience right from my first year in the form of training us with modules focusing on developing critical research skills, helping develop the ability to write scientific papers or general scientific writing and the required statistical knowledge to interpret f…

Giving back to society during your time at university

Are you interested to make a change in someone's life while studying at the University? Are you someone who has a passion and zeal to give back to society? Then Sheffield Volunteering is the place to be! 

With over 300 societies ranging from sports to music, Sheffield Volunteering is one of the University's working committees dedicated to spreading the magic of volunteering and inspiring students to make a positive impact. Sheffield Volunteering works on one main mission statement, "Inspire and be Inspired. Take Part in Our City". Keeping true to this spirit, Sheffield Volunteering works with over 2000 student volunteers, sponsors many student-led volunteering projects and has a dedicated staffed office which appoints a student-elected student committee and student body of ambassadors, to pursue volunteering ventures with an aim to reach out to the people of Sheffield and give back to the community in a positive and an impactful way!
How can you contribute and spen…

Orientation Week and Intro Week

This is the time to make new friends from all around the world

Last year, I attended Orientation Week for three days and the whole week of Intro Week. These two weeks were wonderful because I made friends from France, Italy, Greece, South Africa, China, Malaysia, Britain, Hong Kong...etc.In just two weeks, I met students from more than 15 countries during the activities which The University of Sheffield provided.

What's the difference between Orientation Week and Intro Week?Orientation Week is a week before Intro Week which involves 100+ activities, such as movie night, cafe chat, history tour, campus tour and most importantly icebreakers! It isn't essential to attend Orientation Week but it's great if you can. The Orientation Ambassadors teamhelp students to get to know each other more. I met my one of my best friends, who is French, in these activities. Most of the events in Orientation Week are free, but for others you can buy tickets from the box office. For example, a d…