Giving back to society during your time at university

Are you interested to make a change in someone's life while studying at the University? Are you someone who has a passion and zeal to give back to society? Then Sheffield Volunteering is the place to be! 

With over 300 societies ranging from sports to music, Sheffield Volunteering is one of the University's working committees dedicated to spreading the magic of volunteering and inspiring students to make a positive impact. Sheffield Volunteering works on one main mission statement, "Inspire and be Inspired. Take Part in Our City". Keeping true to this spirit, Sheffield Volunteering works with over 2000 student volunteers, sponsors many student-led volunteering projects and has a dedicated staffed office which appoints a student-elected student committee and student body of ambassadors, to pursue volunteering ventures with an aim to reach out to the people of Sheffield and give back to the community in a positive and an impactful way!

How can you contribute and spend your time making a positive impact, you ask? Simple! Sheffield Volunteering is all about students like you and me. You could run for a position in the Student Committee, become a volunteering ambassador, start your own student-led volunteering project or just volunteer your time. So there is something for everyone.

I have always been a passionate volunteer during my school days and I was determined to continue my love for volunteering even after leaving my country. So when I first came to Sheffield my first search was to find an organisation that recruits student volunteers. In the quest of that search, I found out about Sheffield Volunteering through the Orientation Week Volunteering and Part-time Jobs Fair! Thus, I highly recommend that you visit this fair this year too*, as just like me you might also find some awesome opportunities to get engaged in and add some invaluable experience to your CV.
The anner for this year's Part Time Jobs and Volunteering Fair, 2018

I engaged in Sheffield Volunteering both as a volunteer and then got elected to the post of Campaigns Co-Ordinator in the Students' Committee. And being in the Students' Committee has been one of the most fulfilling and fun-filled experiences of my time at the University. Being the  Campaigns Co-Ordinator gave me the opportunity to do, not only what I loved, that is Volunteering, but also the platform to spread the word about it through the means of designing the merchandise, organising the massive campaigns, and also generating content for the media platforms of Sheffield Volunteering.

International Volunteering Day Campaign Celebration 

International Volunteering Day Campaign Celebration
Our lovely Mascot Buzby Bee

Promoting Sheffield Volunteering 

With an absolutely eventful year and some amazing student-led volunteering projects this year, we ended the year with our annual Sheffield Volunteering Awards! One of the biggest society Awards Night in Sheffield. I was lucky enough to be the Head of the Design and Decor team. And with an awesome team we pulled out one of the best Superhero themed Volunteering Awards.

The Decor Committee-A Creative way to contribute to Volunteering
Hope you are excited to begin exploring your Volunteering venture at Sheffield Volunteering! These were some of the best days spent during my Second Year and this motivated me to continue my work at Sheffield Volunteering Student Committee, and so I continue next year as the President of Sheffield Volunteering Student Committee and am so excited to see what amazing things Volunteering at the University of Sheffield will bring along! Are you?
Official handover from former President Hannah McLennan to incoming President Akira
Sheffield Volunteering Student Committee (2017-18)
Visit Sheffield Volunteering at

*Note: Some students may have restrictions on volunteering in the conditions of their visa. Please check with our visa advisers if you are unsure -


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