Orientation Week and Intro Week

This is the time to make new friends from all around the world

Last year, I attended Orientation Week for three days and the whole week of Intro Week. These two weeks were wonderful because I made friends from France, Italy, Greece, South Africa, China, Malaysia, Britain, Hong Kong...etc. In just two weeks, I met students from more than 15 countries during the activities which The University of Sheffield provided.

What's the difference between Orientation Week and Intro Week?

Orientation Week is a week before Intro Week which involves 100+ activities, such as movie night, cafe chat, history tour, campus tour and most importantly icebreakers! It isn't essential to attend Orientation Week but it's great if you can. The Orientation Ambassadors team help students to get to know each other more. I met my one of my best friends, who is French, in these activities. Most of the events in Orientation Week are free, but for others you can buy tickets from the box office. For example, a day trip to Chatsworth House and an afternoon tea party:) The great memories with your friends will be priceless. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, and I believe you will feel the same.

In Orientation Week, you can choose the activities and join in (for some of them, you need to sign up first in the Students' Union). There is no need to worry that you might miss something. It's all about meeting new friends and becoming more familiar with the University.

Chatsworth House

Afternoon tea party

Intro Week is also an exciting week as well. I started to meet my classmates and select modules. Our department did their best to make sure we can understand what we need to do to complete our postgraduate degree. The classmates that I met in that week week, we grouped a study group to help each other and share life in Sheffield. Last year, I also finished my registration this week and got my Ucard (student ID). As well as the academic side, every night in the Students' Union, there were club nights, where I met more new friends. Dancing with a decent amount of drinks accelerated my friendships directly onto another level and after the party, I and some new friends became best friends.

After these two weeks, I met many friends and we started to plan to go out together, such as the Peak District, Bar crawls, Cardiff, and we even held a Halloween party. We had so many great times together that it was really hard for us to say goodbye to each other by the end of this amazing life at The University of Sheffield. Sharing these great memories makes me feel that I want to go back in time. I wish I could be a fresher and participant of Orientation Week and Intro Week at the University of Sheffield again.

The Peak District

Halloween Party


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