Friday, 29 April 2016

Diane's Three Tips for Visiting London

Hello Everyone !
It's Diane; International Office Ambassador for South Korea. Find out more about me and my time in Sheffield on my web page.
I’ve been meaning to blog about London trip since last year.
And I think today is the very perfect timing !
Those who read my previous blog may know
 that I’ve been to Paris during Easter holidays.
On my way back home in Sheffield, I dropped by London for a couple of days.

Actually, I’m such a city girl who loves being in a hectic city like Seoul, London etc.
I just go to London whenever I have time to relax, which means there’re plenty of tips I can give you :)

Let’s kick off !

So, the very first tip is for transportation. As London is a huge capital, there are several lines of tubes (underground) and buses. A simple way to travel around London is getting a Oyster card. All You need to do is to pay £5 for deposit and top up as much as you want.
Travelcard is another option. This is issued as a paper ticket and lets you travel as many as you like on buses and tubes. If you are a rail card holder, don’t miss special discount !!

Second, go to Buckingham Palace and see Changing of The Queen’s Guard. It takes place in front of the Palace at 11:30 in the morning and lasts for around 45 minutes.
You can see the guard changing every single day between April and July and on alternate days for the rest of the year.
I recommend you to arrive earlier than 11:30 to get the better view !
The ceremony is super famous and quite touristy, so watch out your belongings even if London is safer than Paris ;)

(see? It's crowded !)

(hard to get it ;()

Last but not least, hire a bike !

It’s only for £2 for 30 mins in the park. Technically, hiring a bike is available across the london but I was too scared to cycle on the road like a proper Londoner.
In an alternative way, I decided to ride bicycle at Hyde park.

Near entrance of the park, you can find the Bike Docking Statation easily.
Then, go to the ticket machine next to the docking station and make your payment by CARD (only card available). That is all you need to do for hiring. When you’ve done your journey, drop the bike back to one of docking statitions near by you. How simple !

(This is the Docking station)

( my dear friend Hye getting the sunshine with the bikes ^^ )

I hope you like this blog and Enjoy London, soon !

By Diane (Da Eun) Lee
International Office Ambassador for South Korea

Regine shouts about varsity!

Cheerleaders at the Rugby Union match

Hi everyone, it's Regine again; Hong Kong International Office Ambassador. Find out more about me on my web page

It’s that time of the year again, when suddenly everyone develops and extra strong sense of school pride, when everything is suddenly covered in the university colours – black and gold, when students develop a even more intense rivalry towards Hallam university.


Team spirit going strong at swimming

Every sports team will compete against our rival University in Sheffield – Sheffield Hallam  University– in every sport, each match resulting in a point towards either Uni of (us) or Hallam. For the past three years we have won Varsity, making this year all the more intense and making us more motivated to train well, do well, and beat Hallam again.

Waterpolo Girls
Rugby 2s

This year for varsity I watched five things – Rugby Union, Swimming, Water polo, Canoe Polo, and Ice hockey. The team spirit and intensity was crazy at all of the events, and we cheered more, and screamed louder than ever before. Since Swimming and Water polo is a team that I am in I was very happy to see us reach enough points to win varsity in the middle of the final water polo game since we had not been on top form this year. Saying so, we then had all the bragging rights and started chanting once again to Hallam, who could do nothing but defeat us in Water polo but still be defeated by us overall.

Ice hockey was by far the best part of Varsity, the final event where hundreds and thousands of students would pile into the Sheffield Motor point area, the biggest ice hockey area outside of North America. We proudly walked into the area donning our best black and gold, face paint everywhere, ready to rub our victory in Hallam’s face.

Although it seems that there is a lot of rivalry between Hallam and our university, there is still a lot of teamwork and love between us – many teams such as Ice hockey twos have a team with both Uni of and Hallam. However this friendship is completely thrown out the window during varsity, get ready to fight for the title when the time comes.

By Regine Cheung
International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong

Regine: What to do on a Sunny Day in Sheffield ☀️

Hi everyone, this is Regine Cheung from Hong Kong; an International Office Ambassador here at Sheffield. Find out more about me on my web page.

Around the months of late March and April, something miraculous happens to Sheffield – the skies open, clouds part, the sun comes out and bathes us all in its glorious sunshine. Not going to lie to you, Sheffield can sometimes be known for its absolutely terrible weather – the rain, sleet, hail, wind, snow – but when the sun does come out, you can tell it’s going to be a good day.
You know it’s a warm and sunny day when you suddenly see people wearing shorts a t-shirt even though its only about 10 degrees outside – seriously nothing stops us students from absorbing every single drop of that sunlight! So how can you make the most out of this sunny day? Well these are my favourite things to do when the sun is out, hopefully they will be one of yours too! 

1. Go outside
Living in Student accommodation such as Endcliffe gives you the opportunity to go and sit by the pond or even the hill opposite Howden and the Edge. Just bring a few of your friends and bathe in the warm sunlight, bring a football to kick around or even a frisbee– you won’t even notice the hours passing!

2. Go to a park
Sheffield has a very large range of parks, there’s Endcliffe park, the botanical gardens, Crookes Valley park, and Western Bank to name a few. All of these places are just sprawling greenery, a perfect place to camp out and chat with your friends for a while. Another popular thing to do when the sun is out is to have a barbeque – just gather a bunch of friends, get a disposable / portable barbecue pit and just start cooking. It’s a wonderful way to spend a day and everyone ends up being happy and also full!

3.  Go to a beer garden
Sheffield has such a big pub culture (I even wrote a blog about it here!), and almost every bar or pub will have some form of outdoor seating area. When it’s sunny, everyone just flocks to the pubs to have a nice ice cold pint in the sunlight.

4. Take a walk in the peaks
There is no better time or weather to go for a nice hike in the peaks than when it’s sunny and amazing outside. Considering how many times I’ve went to the peaks and it was a bit grey and gloomy, I can tell you that going in the sun makes the experience 100x more amazing – you get to see the lakes, dams, fields, hills, sheep with the sun shining down on them. 

As you can see, a lot of my favourite things to do are basically just ‘go outside’ as long as you do anything outside during a sunny day you’re probably doing the right thing already. As every student knows the sun doesn’t come out a lot and when it does you’ve got to make the most out of it! 

By Regine Cheung
International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong

Diane's well-spent Easter Holidays in Paris, France!

Hi guys! It's Diane (Da Eun Lee), International Office Ambassador for South Korea. Find out more about me on my web page

I feel like it’s been long time to post my blog here.
Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the Easter holidays really well !
And what I'm going to tell you today is about my Easter holidays.
Well, as you can see my previous blogs, I indeed like to travel. I literally go anywhere as possible as I can. So, this time, I've been to the city, Paris - most women fall in love with - for a week and It only took an hour and half by flight from Doncaster (Sheffield) airport.

I truly had one of the most beautiful times of the year with my besties/ travel buddies. My besties just flew to Paris from S.Korea to have wonderful holidays with me even though we don’t celebrate Easter in Korea ;)

Anyway, What comes cross in your mind first when you think of Paris?
Probably, Eiffel tower, Museums, la Seine(the river) … there're loads of attractions.

So, I bring a tip for you to save not only your money but also your pretious time during the travel, enjoying a lof of those attractions that you enthusiastically want to see.
If you are going to Paris and you’d love to spend some time admiring fabulous artwork and visiting monuments, then, all you need to do is to get the MUSEUM PASS !!

You probably know a thousands of people are queuing up for buying tickets and even getting into the museums. That may be a total flop of the day. However, Museum pass enables you to save your  money and time to queue when entering a number of Paris’s attractions (currently approximately 60 places) including Louvre, Orsay Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame tower and Versailles.

There are three options from 2,4 and 6 consecutive days that cover the same attractions, and what you need to do is to decide the length of your pass. The pass is activated after your first usage and only valid for the consecutive days. Plus, you can access unlimitied number of visits.
Here are some places that I've been to with the Pass.

 (Arce de Triumphe)

 (Fabulous view from the top of Arce de Triumphe. Pls Don't miss it. 
Go up to the top and enjoy this brilliant view !!!)

 (Louvre Museum -  I literally spent the solid three hours like five years ago when I visited to the Louvre for the first time. But not this time :) )

A little safety tip which you should always be aware of when travelling to busy cities - be careful to avoid pickpockets and make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. Having a bag that closes tight is helpful and be aware of not standing too close to the door on the metro. 

Finally, make sure to make the most of being close enough to travel so easily to Europe - and enjoy Paris !

By Diane Da Eun Lee
International Office Ambassador for South Korea

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Travelling to and from Sheffield is easy!

If like me, your heart beats at the mere thought of your next adventure whether it’s a day trip or a long summer holiday of travelling.... then Sheffield is a great place to study!

1. The central location of Sheffield, within the UK is ideal, it means that most train trips to major cities around takes an average of 2 hours!

2.  Even if you want to go further afield to Europe for example, you can easily fly from Manchester at very reasonable prices!

3. A very useful thing, especially if like me, you have to travel down to London every time you want to go back home, you should get a Railcard! It saves 30% off every train trip you take, so after 1 or 2 trips you would have already got your moneys worth! Just seems logical to do J  
4. Remember there are other ways to get around, so when planning a trip consider all your options! You can take a bus, which is generally cheaper, but takes a little bit longer (Just last week i got a 5pound bus down to London!). You can also look into carpooling, there are several websites where you can sign up and just see if anyone is heading in the direction you want J the idea is that you split the petrol cost and its cheaper for everyone! 

                               Bus terminal to London from Meadowhall in sheffield! 

My excitement when I arrived to London (it felt like I got a great bargain with the bus prices)! 

5. Its always great to be spontaneous, its very exciting, to just get on the next train to a new place, unfortunately your wallet will not always be on board with the idea…The further you go the more in advance you should think of booking you tickets! I recently found out that Megabus website actually sells 1 pound tickets if you buy early enough! That's one pound each way (bus or train) and 50p booking charge! A whole trip for 2.50 pounds! How great does that sound??

6. Being from Jordan it was a lot cheaper for me to explore Europe during my time in the UK, since flight to Europe from Jordan can get very expensive! This fact made me forget how many things there are to see in UK, just a couple hours train ride away J don't forget to explore the UK while you're here!  

7. The students union does great day trips to cities around Sheffield, they usually get sold out so you would have to book in advance, however they've got great prices and usually mean there will be many people travelling with you that you can get to know along the way!

8. Having said that…Sheffield is a great place to explore the world without leaving the city! I have been part of many cultural events and performances and met a lot of amazing people through joining the international students committee. All you need to do is pop into the students union and see the different cultural activities you can join and the thousands of international students you can meet!

Jude- International Office Ambassador from Jordan